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How to Utilize New Year and Christmas to Improve your Sales

improve affiliate marketing sales

It’s obvious that you might be on holidays or planning for a vacation during these two festivals. Most of the people are just sitting and sending New Year Messages to their friends. What if I tell you that you can make more out of these two festivals than your normal days?

Well, Christmas marks the end of your current year while New Year is a beginning of another year. You can utilize the enthusiasm of these two festivals to increase your affiliate  marketing sales.

I’m not lying! Most of the customers are looking for offers during this time and it could be a perfect opportunity for you to score.

Take a look at some of the tips to increase your sales during these two festivals:


Provide Additional Discounts

As I mentioned, since people are looking for additional discount, if you’re selling a product or promoting a product on your affiliate marketing site, you can utilize this opportunity. Provide additional discount to your readers which should be more than your usual days discount.


Provide Bonus Services

Engage your readers by providing them few bonus services. For example, if you’re an Affiliate Marketer, you can provide them some free services like, Website Analysis, SEO Analysis, Free On-Page Optimization to your active readers etc. This will help you to engage your customers for longer duration and hence will improve your festival sales.


Promote your Business on Facebook

Facebook is currently the largest social networking site. The best way to capitalize during this season is to promote your business online. If you have some exciting offer or discount on your site, use the power of Facebook Ads to promote your business. This will not only help you to improve your sales but will also help you to improve your social presence.



Do Collaborations

This could be a normal collaboration or a professional collaboration with the people in your network who are involved in similar business. Ask them to engage with you in a discussion which you can share as a video to your readers. Collaborations are great to attract readers as they provide information on one topic through different minds.


Don’t Stop Writing

It doesn’t matter if it’s a festival or something else, you should always make efforts to write new content on your site during this festival season. This will create an impact to your readers that you are highly engaged in helping them even during this festival season.


These are few tips which will help you to improve your sales and create social impact of your business. If you have any suggestion then you can post in the comments section below.

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